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Our range of accessories offer enhanced features and style to your home

Security Lock

Security Screens need to be practical and strong and have 3 locking points which lock the top, the middle and the bottom all operated from one single snip. The 8654 Lockwood Security Door lock is one of the most powerful Security Locks on the market designed in Australia and is our Louie’s top recommendation for customers wanting assurance.

Locks should not just be Black, They are the handle to your home. We offer our locks in a range of colours, chrome finishes all with brushed stainless steel accents. They give a premium finish to your Security Screen and compliment any pre-existing door hardware. All our locks come pre installed with your security screen and an in-home demonstration on how to use your new lock is included as standard.

Pneumatic Door Closer

Effortless and quiet, a soft close pneumatic door closer ensures that the doors of your SupaScreen security door when opened are then securely soft closed with a minimum of exertion and without unpleasant noise. The door is automatically returned to the original closed position. The door can be opened again at any time or alternatively locked. The Door Closer can also be set to ‘Opening Mode’ where it will hold the Security Screen continuously open for you until released. A great feature when required.

Security Pronged Hinges

Selected to ensure a perfect opening and closing every time of your new Security Screen. Slimline modern design provides a non obtrusive and contemporary visual appeal. High security mounting system does not allow the door to be removed in the case of the hinge stainless steel pins being removed. Depending on your size of your door will depend on how many hinges are used. A minimum of three will always be used. Door hinges are available in a range of hinges.

Bug Strip

The bug strip is a black brush that is fitted to the bottom of your screen door to prevent creepy crawling insects entering your home. It is installed after door installation to ensure a perfect fit and also helps minimise the light gap.

Pet Door

Pet doors are made of UV stabilised plastic and have magnetic closure. Small, medium and large sizes available.

* Please note doors with a pet door do not satisfy the Australian Standard AS 5039 for security.

Security Door Mid-Rail

An optional security door mid-rail can highlight that there is a security barrier in place and can be finished in Black or matched to the door frame colour.

Classic Style:

Are you a style icon? Compliment your new SupaScreen Security Door with the addition of a classic casting. Many option and styles for you to choose from.

Handle Height:

Handle Height can be adjusted if needed for accessibility reasons. A high handle placement may be chosen to restrict children from accessing. A low handle height may be chosen to assist elderly or those with a disability.